My TRUth

The yesteryear old me wore black like it was the new black and for the most part kept her mouth SHUT. Too afraid to draw attention. Reluctant #af to express anything about her true self; convinced it wouldn't be understood or accepted.

I've always been a Creative. It fueled how crazily I dressed my Barbies growing up. It fueled the wild and imaginative stories and poems I wrote as a teen. It fuels my artistry today.

The fear of being seen used to hold me back and cover the parts of me that gave me life...


Hi, yal! My name is Tru and I'm here, mouth WIDE OPEN! I proudly sharing who I am with you, unafraid and IN FULL COLOR. I'm unapologetically weird and that weirdness explodes in my designs. Seriously...it is my purpose in life to help others not to hide anymore.

"My fashion is freedom"...from all who told us we were too different, too loud, too out of the box, too erratic, too disruptive, too bold.

They have no idea...we've only just begun to express ourselves. [i@k]