Wearing Color And Patterns: How To Cuz You Should Too!

It is so important for all of us to feel free in our own skin so we’re able to express ourselves. What we choose to wear should feel just as free.”



What you wear is one of the best ways to express your identity, your personality and your energy. To make a statement. To say, “I’m bold.” or “I’m expressive.” or “I am art personified!”. And you’re saying it in a way that is uniquely you. There are so many ways colors and patterns can illustrate your creative vibrancy through fashion. Adding them boldly to your style gives you the power to express yourself even more. Without saying a word; it will speak volumes…from who you are to what you love to how you feel and connect with the world.

New to all of this? Unsure of what to consider when it comes to choosing colors and patterns to bring into your signature style? Here’s how to start being bright and bold and YOU anywhere, any time!

Your Core Color Palette

Before you move towards a wardrobe full of color and patterns, choose your Core Color Palette. There are no hard and fast rules in figuring this out, but first consider how you perceive yourself in different hues. Take time to determine which colors are most flattering on you (think of the specific shades that make your eyes light up or compliment your skin tone). Then, identify the colors that feel most genuine to you. Does red spark your spiciness? Is green a color that represents growth in your life? Is yellow where you find your joy? Does orange fit your quirkiness to a T?

If you're having trouble discovering a palette on your own, look for inspiration in other places. Being out in nature may reveal seasonal color combinations that draw you in. Visiting a gallery exposes you to how artists combine colors to evoke emotion. When it comes to establishing your Core Color Palette, there are no limits. Everything around you is an opportunity to explore what aligns with you. Feel free to expand from there; you may find as you delve in, a secondary palette will speak to you just as strongly.

Now, let’s talk patterns.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times more than you might have cared to, but sorry… here it is AGAIN: “Patterns. Are. In.” With all the incredible artists and designers over the last decade that have emerged and embraced and found new ways to evolve it, patterns are definitely here to stay. They can instantly boost everyday wear into stylized illustrations of just how epic you are! But how can you be more adventurous with patterns without looking, well, crazy? The line is not as fine as you might think! But you have to be unafraid to open new doors and be willing to experience all kinds of patterns…at least once. Even ones you might not believe would be something you’d like. I’ll bet it all that you’ll find designs that you never knew you needed in your life, if you take the chance!

PRO TIP: First door you should open to begin finding patterns?…Pinterest. Trust me, don’t sleep on it. It is an incredible tool as thousands of artists and creators showcase their work there, placing an abundant resource of patterns at your fingertips. Pin each pattern you find that excites you directly to your board so you can reference back to them any time.

Mixing patterns is allowed. I, in fact, strongly encourage it! You may think some patterns just don't go together, but it may surprise you how certain designs can add dimension bring out the best in each other in the most interesting ways. Once you've chosen an patterned piece for your wardrobe, use it as inspiration for finding other patterns that make sense with it—whether that's in terms of matching or contrasting. Yes…CONTRASTING. Because remember, pieces to create an iconic look don’t have to “match”…they just have to “go” (Thanks, Stacy London!). Once you've started experimenting with combinations of different patterns, the possibilities will present themselves almost intuitively for you. You’ll become more attuned to what works and hon your ability to confidently layer and mix all the patterns flawlessly.

You totally got this!

If after even all of this convincing you still feel a little hesitant to jump in, choose just one bold piece...like a fun pair of patterned leggings (see what I did there?)...as a focal point and simply add complimentary colors or even neutrals to coordinate. This is the method that even I began with for adding more color and patterns into my life. It’s more than OK. But promise me you avoid cheating yourself by holding back for too long. Believe me, you won’t regret those bigger steps towards your style once you take them!

Welcome to your Color and Patterns Journey...I LOVE that for you!

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